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This type of intervention is also known as a surgical correction of male breasts. Enlarged breasts in men are caused by accumulated subcutaneous fat and hormones produced by an overly developed mammary gland. The fat can be removed and the gynecomastia surgery combined with liposuction.

While consulting your physician before the operation, you’ll determine which type of operation is ideal for you. It’s often necessary for the patient to have a chest ultrasound in order for the physician to tell if the issue concerns a hypertrophied mammary gland or excessive amount of fat.

During a gynecomastia surgery, the entire mammary gland needs to be removed. Liposuction then removes the fat around the gland. If you and your physician decide to perform liposuction only, the intervention can be performed under local anaesthesia. However, if it’s preferable to combine liposuction with a gynecomastia surgery due to the condition of the mammary gland, skin, and the amount of fat stored in the breasts, you’ll be undergoing the intervention under general anaesthesia. In that case, you’ll be hospitalised at the clinic for one day. The resulting scars around the edge of the nipple will be very inconspicuous once the wound heals.

Postoperative course

10 days: Rest
After week one: Medical check-up (stitches are dissolvable, and not removed)
Until week six: Wear compression underwear
After week six: Fully physically active