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By undergoing a bullhorn lip lift, you make sure your upper lift is permanently lifted and augmented. The procedure is suitable for clients whose nose is separated from their lips by more than 1.5 cm, or if their upper teeth stay hidden when the client speaks.

Day case surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and takes 45 minutes. The patient must consult the physician beforehand. The intervention is quick and permanent.

After administering local anaesthesia, the surgeon makes a thin incision just below the patient’s nose. Then, they remove the pre-highlighted excess skin, lift the upper lift, and stitch the wound. Finally, they apply sterile dressing. Once the surgery is finished, the patient can go home. Any bruising and swelling will disappear within 10 days. After stitches are removed and the wound heals, the resulting scar is hidden in the nasal fold, barely visible.

Postoperative course

2 days: Hydrogel cooling mask, applied at home
Week one: Rest
After week one: Medical check-up, remove stitches
After week two: Decreased swelling and bruising