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Protruding ears don’t just trouble little children, making them a target for ridicule; even adults can feel bad about them. Otoplasty not only solves the issue of protruding ears, but also corrects other imperfections.

The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and takes approximately 1–1.5 hour. The patient must consult the physician beforehand.

After applying a numbing anaesthetic, the surgeon makes an incision behind the patient’s ear. They shape the cartilage and fixate the ears close to the head, using absorbable suturing. After the operation, they apply sterile dressing and bandaging. In two days, the bandaging is removed and replaced with an elastic headband. The patient can go home immediately after the intervention. Once the wound heals, the scar is barely visible as it is hidden behind the ear.

The first week after the operation, the patient needs to rest and wear an elastic headband. For a month, they should not physically exert themselves.

Postoperative course

After 2 days: Check-up, remove bandages, a compression headband applied
Two weeks: Wear an elastic headband
After month one: Fully physically active