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Do you suffer from eye swelling, excess skin, or drooping eyelids which make you look tired? Do you have wrinkles and bags around your eyes? As a person ages, their skin becomes weaker. Signs of fatigue are most visible around the eyes where the skin is very delicate. However, drooping eyelids aren’t always caused by ageing; genetics may also be the cause. In some cases, blepharoplasty is not only performed for aesthetic reasons, but also medical reasons. Due to excess skin, the patient’s eyes may be overly strained, leading to lacrimation or impaired vision which may result in headaches. By operating on the patient’s eyelids, excess skin is reduced and the area around the eyes will once again be firm and smooth. The surgery can be combined with a lower blepharoplasty or a brow lift.

Surgery is generally done under local anaesthesia and takes approximately 45 minutes. The patient must consult the physician and undergo a prior pre-operative examination.

During surgery, a thin incision is made in the epicanthic fold of the upper eyelid and, if necessary, just below the lashes on the lower eyelid where the surgeon removes any excess skin. Finally, the wound is stitched with fine stitching and an adhesive bandage is applied. The operation leaves a tiny, inconspicuous scar, hidden in the epicanthic fold.

Postoperative course

2 days: Hydrogel cooling mask, applied at home
Week one: Rest
After week one: Medical check-up, stitches removed
After week two: Decreased swelling and bruising