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Do you wish to maintain your breast size but don’t like the shape of your areolae? Large areolae can be genetic, or caused by breastfeeding and ageing. Areola reduction is a relatively simple surgery, performed under local anaesthesia. It can be combined with breast reduction, breast lift,and breast augmentation with implants. In that case, general anaesthesia is required

During the surgery, the areola is reduced to the requested size and excess skin removed. A thin incision is made along the edge of the areola, ensuring that any scarring will be barely visible once the wound heals.The surgeon then carefully stitches the wound, using dissolvable stitches, and dresses it with a sterile gauze.

You’ll be able to resume your regular working life as early as a few days after the surgery. After a week, you’ll visit for a medical check-up. Physical activity can be completely resumed approximately 3 weeks after the operation.

Postoperative course

Week one: Rest
After week one: Medical check-up (stitches are dissolvable, and not removed)
After three weeks: Fully physically active