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Thanks to hyaluronic acid fillers, your thin asymmetrical lips can at once become a perfectly shaped, full, symmetrical mouth. Another way of temporarily increasing their volume is to apply the patient’s own fat.

An anaesthetic cream or spray may be applied to the lips before day case surgery. Most fillers contain lidocaine which makes the lips numb once injected, ensuring a nigh on painless treatment. The intervention takes approximately 15 minutes. The effect is immediately visible and its life individual, though it usually lasts 6–12 months.

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid requires no preparation; the physician simply injects the acid into the areas to be augmented, using a thin needle or cannula. After the application, a small swelling may be noticeable; it disappears within a few hours. The treatment may cause tiny bruising which heals within 5–7 days.