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One of the most sought-after and most highly-rated plastic surgeons in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, MUDr. Juraj Payer is a highly experienced, internationally certified plastic surgeon. Due to a high number of positive testimonials and his excellent knowledge of German, his services are also requested by international clients, mostly from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Dr Payer is fluent in English, and can communicate in French and Spanish as well.

Dr Payer’s specialisation covers almost all types of breast surgery and liposuction. However, this does not cover all interventions Dr Payer provides. Other types of plastic surgery available at the clinic include facial surgery (from blepharoplasty, otoplasty, rhinoplasty or complete facelifts), body contouring using the patient’s own fat, solutions to excess skin after a weight loss or C-section, etc.

2002 – 2008 Lékařská fakulta UK

Bratislava, Slovenská republika

2013 Atestace z plastické chirurgie

Lékařská fakulta UK, Bratislava

2014 FEBOPRAS, Evropská atestace z plastické chirurgie

Brusel, Belgicko

2017 Získání titulu PhD. na Lékařské fakultě UK

Bratislava, Slovenská republika

2018 Členství v ISAPS

mezinárodní společnost estetické plastické chirurgie


Brusel, Belgicko

Stáž na klinikách plastické a estetické chirurgie


Stáž na klinikách plastické a estetické chirurgie


Stáž na klinikách plastické a estetické chirurgie

New York


Made by Juraj Payer is a modern, private plastic surgery centre in Prague. The clinic provides high-quality care and treatment, using the most efficient equipment in the world. After many years’ medical experience, Dr Payer decided to establish his own practice due to a high demand for his services, as well as due to his desire to devote himself to clients fully and treat them on an individual basis.

The clinic can be found in the Jinonice district, in the brand-new Waltrovka compound, in the Aviatica and Walter buildings. Aviatica houses the reception desk and the office where patients are consulted and day case surgeries, such as hyaluronic acid filers, Botox treatments, or thread lifts are performed. The adjacent Walter building contains modern operating theatres which conform to the highest standards, and a postoperative ward. The clinic offers only single rooms to provide patients with the highest comfort and privacy after each intervention.


Made by Juraj Payer

U Trezorky 921/2,
Praha 5
Budova Aviatica