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During labiaplasty, the patient’s labia minora is reduced, and if required, their shape and asymmetry corrected. Unwanted labia enlargement tends to occur after pregnancy, or is genetic. Intervention is not only undergone for aesthetic reasons, but also sanitary reasons. It’s quick, with no associated risks, and can be combined with an augmentation of the labia majora, using the patient’s own fat.

This intervention is performed under general anaesthesia and usually takes 45–60 minutes. The patient must consult the physician and undergo a prior pre-operative examination.

The surgeon makes a fine longitudinal incision, or cuts out a small wedge in the middle part of the patient’s labia. After removing any excess skin, the wound is stitched with dissolvable stitches and sterile dressing is applied.

Postoperative course

After week 2: Medical check-up (stitches are dissolvable, and not removed)
2 weeks: Rest
By week 6: Fully physically active, able to have intercourse