Popis zákroku

Unlike standard surgical lifts, thread lifts require no incisions. Local anaesthesia is administered as a part of this day case surgery and special threads applied to the hypodermis in order to lift the patient’s facial and neck tissues and make them firmer. APTOS threads are dissolvable. Benefits include increased collagen formation, as well as improved skin tone, texture, and hydration.

A local anaesthetic is administered to the treated area prior to intervention. Then, different types of APTOS threads are applied to the hypodermis tissue, using a cannula. If the threads are inserted deep into the skin, they help make sagging features firmer and more defined. After the intervention, the physician props the treated area up with adhesive plasters, or ideally with a facial compression bandage.

After the intervention, it’s recommended to keep the treated area cool. For at least 24 hours after the intervention, don’t massage the treated area, use make-up, or engage in physical activities. Rest for a week. Forego any cosmetic treatments, facial massages, and sauna or tanning salon appointments for 1 month.

Postoperative course

Week one: Rest
After week two: Medical check-up, adhesive plaster and bandages removed